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A selection of various print projects.


Pippen Alley Paperie

Pippen Alley is a personalized stationery company. They focus on customized on small print items. They needed motifs to apply to the various designs. Each motif is a unique illustration. 

Pippen Alley Paperie

A small card used at holiday and gift shows to give out to potential customers..


Sanofi Oncology

A timeline created for the oncology division of Sanofi Pharmaceuticals. The design utilizes elements from the company logo and design standards.


Kismet business card, double sided with the US location on the front and the London address on the back. The back is printed with  metallic ink, and the front has a gold foil rectangle.



An art gallery and boutique, needed invitations, business cards, and advertising for the Westport, CT grand opening, and on-going events. This invitation was printed with metallic ink on the back and gold foil rectangle on the front.

Women Rule Politico

A printed  drink  menu  for a large  Politico event co-hosted by Tory Burch, Google, and  Diageo, called A Toast to Women Rule.


Women Rule Politico

Window stickers for the venue where A Toast to Women Rule was held. 

Summer at Wooster

Postcard announcing the upcoming summer camp session. The camp is held on the grounds of Wooster School every summer, and focuses on weekly sessions with a variety of classes to choose from.

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